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Players of the English Concertina in Scotland.

Back in October '08, I came across an old thread on the Footstompin Forum, in which Concertina player Dick Miles had asked how many people used the English Concertina in Scottish Music.

Interestingly, leading Scottish player Simon Thoumire had replied:


There are not many at all. Myself, Norman Chalmers, Stuart Eydeman and a few more in ceilidh bands. Can anyone provide a list of concertina players in Scotland?

This set me thinking & I proceeded to make enquiries on Footstompin & other music forums, to see if I could get a better idea of how many players there really were.
Thanks to loads of help from other interested players & musicians, after a few months the figure now stands at 

So here is the list as it stands today.

If you know of any other players, or can put towns or regions even, where the players on the list live, I'd be very grateful for the info.

English Concertina players in Scotland {81}:

George Anderson ~ Kelso, Neil Bayfield ~ Aberdeenshire, Hamish Bayne ~ Orkney, Karen Beattie ~ West Lothian, Jack Bethel ~ Glasgow, Bob Blair ~ , Elspeth Brown ~, Glasgow, Stewart Brown ~ Dundee, Alex Cadogan ~ Aberdeen, Kenny Caird ~, Sass Campbell ~ Morayshire, Pamela Carr ~ Edinburgh, Norman Chalmers ~ Edinburgh, Robert Chalmers ~ Edinburgh, Russ Clare ~ Doune, Joan Clifford ~ Borders, Selby Cochrane ~ , Paul Connolly ~ Lochaber, Simon Cooper ~ Edinburgh, David Corner ~ Dalkeith, Peter Donald ~ Glasgow, Tom Donnelly ~ Glasgow, Danny Dove ~ Gaerlockhead, John Eaglesham ~ Glasgow, Stuart Eydmann ~ Edinburgh, Archie Fisher ~ Borders, Richard Forsyth ~ Edinburgh, Foss Foster ~ Banff, Susannah Franks ~ Fife, John Gahagan ~ Glasgow, George Haig ~ Fife, Simon Harbord ~ , Gordon Haxton ~ Glasgow, Pete Heywood ~ Ayrshire, Gordon Hotchkiss ~ , Astryd Jamieson ~ Shetland, Nigel Jelks ~ Angus, Brian Johnstone ~ Glasgow, Alan Jones ~ East Kilbride, Katy Kiernan ~ West Lothian, John Leavy ~ Kincardineshire, Iain MacDonald ~ , Belinda MacLaren ~ Lennoxtown, Maggie Macrae ~ Glasgow, Tom Martin ~ , Gary Mahon ~, Duncan McLennan ~, Susan McClure ~ Glasgow, John McCourtney ~ Glasgow, Tom McDermott ~ Ayrshire, Marta McGlynn ~ , Geordie McIntyre ~ Dunblane, Duncan McLennan ~ Inverness, Brian McNeill ~ , Cameron Miller ~ Glasgow, Drew Moyes ~ Glasgow, Mike Penny ~ , Dave Richardson ~ , Derek Richardson ~ Perthshire, Helen Ross ~ Stirling, Alison Shepard ~ Edinburgh, Wendy Stewart ~ Dumfries, Andrea Stanford ~ Fife, Steve Sutcliffe ~ , Bob Thomas ~ , Dave Thomas ~ Morayshire, Sally Thomas ~ East Lothian, Simon Thoumire ~ Edinburgh, Ted Tracey-Bower ~ Edinburgh, Dick Trickie ~ Aberdeenshire, Erland Voy ~ , Ann Ward ~ Peebles, Tom Ward ~ Edinburgh, Frances Wilkins ~ Aberdeen, Alan Wright ~ Kilmarnock

Scottish players not resident {4}
Dick Glasgow ~ Co Antrim, Jean Graham ~ France, Jack Beck ~ Virginia, U.S.A, Geoff Caplan, Devon.

Not to be forgotten {10}
Mike Berry, Archie Frame, Peter Hall, David Haxton, Rev. Gordon Jones, Joseph Kent, Iain MacKintosh, Mike Petrie, Jim Reid & Roy Williamson.

The Concertina in Scotland

Do you know of any other players, not already on this list?

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  1. Marta McGlynn's in Edinburgh and Ann Ward now in Peebles!
    Makes me wonder how we can get new young players? For one thing the price of playable instruments is high.